Principal's Thoughts

PRINCIPAL : Mrs. Reeta S Jainar

The Present day children need our guidance, care and attention. Children of today’s generation undergo a lot of anxiety, tension and pressure to perform well in all fields, at times much against their wishes & capacities. Students struggle between high expectation of society on one side and their parents on other side. High expectation, peer pressure and some time tensed atmosphere at home are some of the main reason which lead to uncertainty & disappointment in young minds. The overall childhood is lost and they are forced to behave maturely before they grow up. So to make the children feel secure and affectionate we need to support children emotionally and psychologically as well.

Age old values such as truth, honesty, kindness etc. are going down day by day. Children attracted more towards temporary happiness. It is time that we need to teach them our values and culture to bring peace & harmony in their later years.