The school offers the Central Board of Secondary Education, (CBSE) the National curriculum.

From the Academics standpoint, the school is divided into

1. Pre School
2. Kindergarten
3. Primary School: 1st grade – 5th grade
4. Middle School: 6th grade – 8th grade
5. High School: 9th grade – 10th grade


The Pre-School and Kindergarten teaching is a combination of Montessori, Play way and Experiential learning approach. It concentrates on the social and self developmental activities. In addition to developing language, problem solving and analytical skills novel project based learning methods are included as part of the regular curriculum.

Primary School

The Primary school curriculum prepares students for national curriculum CBSE; The curriculum for primary school is drawn from the best of other streams and provides a strong foundation for students. In addition to the core subjects of English, Math, Environmental Sciences forms an integral part of the students learning.

Middle School

The middle school program at Royal Palace School offers a choice of subjects which prepares students for the challenges and demands for the High school. In addition to the state language Kannada, Hindi is also introduced to expose students to the National language. In addition to the languages and Math, General science and Social studies are taught based on the NCERT curriculum drawn by the CBSE board.

High School

Students of grades 9 and 10 will go through the rigors of a demanding curriculum for High school. The Physical sciences will be thought separately as Physics, chemistry and Biology and the Social Sciences will be dealt in depth as Civics, History and Geography.